No Exam Burial Insurance

Many ordinary individuals go without the life insurance coverage that they need, but this can put your loved ones in a sticky situation if something unfortunate happens to you. There might be plenty of reasons why you don’t have a policy; for example, you could be having a difficult time finding affordable coverage due to your age, health or the fact that you are a smoker or use other types of tobacco. This doesn’t mean that you should go without a policy, however, and there are affordable options out there for you. For example, no exam burial insurance is a great, cheap option for many people who are having a difficult time finding affordable life insurance rates.

What is No Exam Burial Insurance?

As with other life insurance policies, burial insurance offers a face value that will be paid to your chosen beneficiary at the time of your death. This type of coverage is permanent, so you don’t have to worry about outliving your policy or having to renew it at a higher rate as you age.

What are the Benefits of No Exam Burial Insurance?

There are quite a few substantial benefits that you can gain from looking at no exam life insurance rates:

  • Smokers and other tobacco users often have a difficult time finding coverage that they can afford, but burial coverage is a less expensive option for many smokers.
  • Although some burial companies do ask health-related questions, their requirements are much more lenient, and their rates are not as expensive for those who have some health-related issues.
  • Although the face values are typically smaller with these policies, they are still generally enough to cover funeral costs.
  • Life insurance rates can be expensive, but they’re significantly lower-priced with burial coverage.
  • Much of the application process can be done online and over the phone. Once you find the lowest average price, you can start your application right away.

How to Buy Your No Exam Burial Insurance Policy

Here at United Life Group, we are dedicated to helping people find the best and most reasonably priced coverage that they can. Not only are we licensed to sell burial coverage, but we also provide term and whole life insurance to our valuable customers across multiple states. To find your burial policy, enter your ZIP code into the form at the top of the page. This will allow you to receive no exam life insurance rates and more. We work with the best companies out there, so you can always count on us to help you find your insurance online.

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