No Exam Life Insurance For Seniors

Lots of older people have begun to realize that they have not outlived their need for no exam life insurance for seniors. Advanced age and even age-related health issues should not prevent older adults from shopping for good coverage either. Many A-rated no exam life insurance companies want to court business from older people, and you can find some very good no exam life insurance plans for seniors.

At United Life Group, our experienced and professional life insurance agents hope to help every client find the best no exam life insurance for seniors at the right price. Because we are a group of independent agents, we can help you shop for a highly-rated insurer that will offer you the right amount and kind of life insurance for your unique needs. To get started, why not compare life insurance quotes for free online and call us if you have any questions?

How to Find Affordable No Exam Life Insurance For Seniors

Shopping for no exam life insurance for seniors would be very simple if there was only one kind or amount of coverage that you could buy. Of course, we can compare a variety of different policies to suit the needs of different clients. With this in mind, you need to consider a few things before you decide which policy to buy:

  • Do you just need a few thousand dollars of coverage to help pay for a funeral, millions of dollars in coverage to help transfer wealth to the next generation, or do you believe your needs fall somewhere in between?
  • How much can you budget to pay the premiums?
  • Do you need your policy to last a few years or the rest of your life?
  • Do you suffer from any medical conditions that might come up on a health insurance application?

Which Type of No Exam Senior Life Insurance Should You Buy?

If you believe you only need coverage for the next few years, you might consider applying for no exam term life insurance for seniors. This is particularly true if you want to purchase a policy with a large death benefit. You will find that no exam term life insurance for seniors is cheaper than whole life insurance rates for seniors when you compare policies for the same amount of coverage and the same individual. However, only permanent life insurance can provide lifetime coverage.

Additionally, it might be harder to qualify for large death benefits if you are elderly and have some health issues. Whole life and burial insurance might provide smaller death benefits for the price, but they may be easier for an average older person to apply for.

These are some things to consider about various types of no exam life insurance for seniors:

  • No Exam term life insurance for seniors will be cheaper, but older applicants might only be able to qualify for 10-year term policies.
  • Whole life insurance rates for seniors might still be modest if you select a smaller death benefit.
  • Burial insurance policies have been specifically designed to provide coverage that is easy for elderly people to apply for, and you can find policies that are affordable for average families.

We Can Help You Find the Right No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

At United Life Group, we work with a variety of A-rated no exam life insurance companies for seniors. This means that we can help you shop for the best policy for your needs and budget. You can compare prices in your local area with our free online senior life insurance quotes. Contact us right away to find the perfect solution for your life insurance needs.

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