No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers

Most consumers already know that tobacco use and other unhealthy lifestyle choices can increase no exam life insurance rates. Smokers, very overweight people, and even average folks with dangerous hobbies might not be able to purchase a policy for the cheapest rates. However, some companies have more relaxed health underwriting guidelines than others, and that is why we advise our clients to compare premiums before buying any coverage.

We are United Life Group, an independent brokerage that offers no exam life insurance for smokers from a variety of A-rated insurers. We even give you the opportunity to compare online life insurance rates, and all you need to do is enter your home ZIP code to begin accessing our free life insurance quote system. Of course, you can also email or call us for personalized answers and suggestions.

No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers

The days of having to schedule a doctor’s appointment as part of a typical application have ended. If you would rather skip the hassle of a long application process, you can find no exam life insurance for smokers. In fact, we represent many top companies that allow you to complete your application online and over the phone.

If you need to purchase a very large policy or want to see if you can qualify for the cheapest no exam life insurance rates, you may still decide to apply for coverage that requires a medical exam. If so, this is a little less convenient, but everything is handled at the insurer’s expense.

No exam life insurance rates for smokers are bound to be slightly more expensive than average rates for non-smokers. These are some things to know about life insurance rates for smokers:

  • Applications may ask you if you have used any tobacco product at all in the last 12 months.
  • Some insurers may let you check the nonsmoker box if you only fire up an occasional cigar at family celebrations.
  • Check with your agent or insurer if you are not sure how to answer the question, but never lie because that can be considered fraud and make your beneficiaries ineligible to receive full benefits.
  • If you manage to quit smoking later, contact your insurer to see if you can get your rates adjusted.

No Exam Life Insurance Rates for Smokers Should Still be Affordable for Many Families

We can help you with a variety of coverage options:

  • No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers
  • Whole life
  • Burial insurance

No exam term life insurance smokers will still be less expensive than whole life rates. But if you are elderly, have some additional health issues, or simply want lifetime coverage that builds a cash value, you might benefit from permanent life insurance. Burial insurance, a type of whole life with a relatively modest face value, might be the best choice for older adults and their families who only want to prepare for final expenses like funerals. No matter which type of coverage you choose we can help you find affordable no exam life insurance for smokers and nonsmokers.

Find the Best No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers

Visit us to compare life insurance rates from highly-rated insurers. You can use our Internet quote forms or contact us for assistance. Either way, we hope to help you find the right coverage at the right price.

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